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What does an attorney profile look like on the internet?

Aren’t all SEO Services the Same?

Isn’t it Time to Get Online on Your Own Terms?

Clients find legal services online through search engines, especially Google. This makes competition fierce.

Getting an edge in the market takes extensive knowledge and experience in optimizing every possible variable of an attorney’s online presence.

What does an attorney profile look like on the internet?

There’s more to an attorney’s online presence than a business listing. Every attorney has a collage of many different representations on the internet. This includes the following:

  • Who you are as a business person
    • Your business location
    • Your areas of practice
    • Your business ratings
    • Your strengths in and out of the courtroom
  • Your social status
    • Your social media profiles
    • Your travel, hobbies, and interests
  • Your education and experience
    • How long have you been practicing?
    • How successful are you at fighting and winning for your clients?
    • How well do you understand the intricacies of your discipline?

This is only a short list of the endless variables that represent who you are as a lawyer.

Andrea Lynn Drake knows how to take every aspect of your legal business and get it in front of the most people. This translates to phone calls, emails, and more potential clients seeing you online.

Aren’t all SEO Services the Same?

Every lawyer knows how they stack up against the competition, and your quality rests on your capabilities. In the world of SEO and online marketing, quality isn’t just about how much you cost, or how large your company may be. The true mark of quality is your performance with your clients.

Andrea has put more lawyers on the front page of Google than the competition can shake a stick at. She has a depth of online knowledge that goes beyond traditional marketing. With more than 20 years of experience, she watched the internet evolve, and her prowess is unmatched.

In addition to Andrea’s general overall knowledge, she has also developed a method of doing things that just makes common sense.

  • Starting with technical SEO

Andrea makes sure that all technical elements are in place and correct. From the correct schema to the H1 hierarchy, these parts of the website are not really ever noticed to the common reader. However for the bots, this is all they see.

  • Second to technical SEO are the onpage elements.

Things like proper anchor texting, an embedded map, a perfect match between Google My Business and the address showing on the page. These are seen by the readers and by the bots so it is extremely important that all of these pieces are present and correct.

  • As soon as there is a comb through of the site using both human eyes and a variety of tools, the site is ready for indexing.

In conjunction with indexing starts the primary link building process. Andrea has parsed out links according to the type of link they are like, social, local, business and others. Starting with what she calls “the primaries”, these are the first links built. She likes to start with primary social links because these links also link into other profiles. Examples of primary socials are, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Linkedin Company, G+, Pinterest and Instagram.

  • One of the most important part of link building is the ongoing refinement and maps.

Link building is time consuming. Yes, there are a lot of automated tools. Andrea does use Yext however, the rest of the links are hand built. There are nuances to every link and each should be filled out correctly to get the most out of the link. Automation has worked in the past, very short term and then usually turns around and bites you. The process of link building is not easy, it is very time consuming and it takes a very long time to reap the rewards however, it is completely worth it. In addition, maps building is extremely important. Enough can not be said about your local footprint and how important it is to rank locally. It is an every day job that requires a lot of ingenuity, education, knowledge, experience and creativity. It is the hardest part of search engine optimization.

Isn’t it Time to Get Online on Your Own Terms?

Are you tired of paying sky-high marketing costs with very little realized value? Are you frustrated with your online representation? If you haven’t seen results with other SEO and online marketing companies, then it’s time to get online on your own terms.

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