Does Your Restaurant SEO Need a Superior Competitive Edge Online?

Andrea Lynn Drake, LLC Restaurant SEO

Restaurant SEO has become a necessity for any food service business in today’s market. Competing in the culinary trades has been a fierce and bloody battle since the first traders began to exchange fish for deer meat. Imagine what ancient roadside food vendors would have thought about the modern restaurant industry.

The most poignant example of the restaurant battle for business traffic is search results by smartphone users. One study found that 85 percent of people using their smartphones to find a bite to eat actually buy food. See the chart below to get a feel for what this means..

Restaurants Without SEO Aren’t Going to Get the Business… Period

The only way to capture the greatest amount of business possible is to be listed at the top of mobile search results. This isn’t a sales gimmick to get people thinking. These are real results from real data.

The bottom line is: if you aren’t listed online, no one will find you. If you aren’t in the top results when someone searches for food, fewer people will find you. Either way, if you don’t put some serious effort into how search engines see you, you’re losing a lot of money.

The solution to this problem is search engine optimization. You need to optimize every aspect of your online business presence. You will not compete if you don’t have, at a minimum:

  • A website
  • A listing on Google My Business
  • Listings on multiple social media platforms
  • A gallery of optimized images

This isn’t everything that will make you a top contender. This is the minimum to just show up in results.

What Does it Mean to Have a Competitive Edge?

Your leg up on the surrounding competition hinges on some very specific factors. The first is your proximity to someone searching for food. You might think that there’s nothing that you can do about that. However, there are SEO strategies that can actually provide search engines with a local signal.

Next, every aspect of your business that can be scrutinized by search algorithms must be updated, clear, accurate, and properly structured. This includes contact information, like your address, telephone number, email, and website URL. It also includes having detailed descriptions of your offerings, specials, updated menu items, pricing, and other details specific to your business.

Another critical aspect that must be maintained is your freshness factor. Search engines used to value fresh content as a priority signal for everything under the sun. For some industries, this doesn’t hold as true as it used to. Restaurants are an exception.

If a restaurant never changes its menu or prices, serves the same food all day, and doesn’t have any specials, people won’t find that interesting. People love variety, and many of them love trying new things. Chain restaurants thrive on this concept, constantly changing out their offerings to maintain a fresh appeal.

This concept applies directly to the way that search engines see your business. If a restaurant doesn’t update any aspect of their online presence, they become stale. People who initiate mobile searches want to see as much information as they can, and they want that information to be recent.

Having a competitive edge in the modern restaurant industry means that your SEO is at the top of its game. Profitable businesses have to maximize their opportunities online. That’s the most dependable way to generate the traffic to not only stay in business, but to be profitable.

Let an SEO Professional Handle Your SEO Issues so You Can Handle Your Business

If you went to the hospital, you wouldn’t ask to perform surgery on yourself. If you went to a car dealership, you wouldn’t try to do your own financing. So, if you’re in the restaurant business and you need SEO services, don’t try to do it yourself.

You need an advocate for your financial success. Andrea Lynn Drake is a small business with an understanding of competing in the modern technological world. The new word-of-mouth is on the internet. Food reviews, social media mentions, and your online profile all communicate to bring customers through the door.

Stop wasting money of sky-high marketing costs without seeing any returns. Hire an SEO professional with the knowledge and experience to take your business to the next level.

Andrea never asks client to sign a contract. She stands on her integrity and honesty, a trait often difficult to come by in the SEO industry. Her strategies provide an effective alternative to second-rate marketing services.

To learn more and get your website, social media, business, and your online presence in front of hungry mobile customers, email me at, or call now at 623-900-6538. I will provide you with a free online audit and an initial strategy planning session to get you started down the road to a brighter future. After all; isn’t it time that you get online on your own terms?