Professional Videography

Marketing takes a wide range of media across several targeted platforms. Having a video media presence on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo gives your audience more to look at in more places.

Is Video Advertising Worth the Investment?

Your customers are on the internet looking for the products and services that you offer. If you can meet them wherever they are, the opportunities for conversions and sales greatly increase.

In the modern media landscape, online video is king. One compelling video on YouTube has the potential to reach a global audience.

More importantly, search algorithms use geotagging to provide results which are relevant to customers. This means that producing a video for a business with a physical address can boost your chances of driving traffic to your online offerings.

The price to produce a TV commercial for a major market syndication is astronomical. It can literally cost tens of thousands of dollars for a single thirty-second spot during prime time.

By contrast, the cost to produce video content that can be distributed to any number of online outlets can be less than a quarter of that cost. And for the lower price, the potential for reaching a much larger and more targeted audience is more than twice that of any TV content.

Given the value that producing for the internet offers, it’s a wonder why more businesses aren’t leveraging the opportunity. The vacuum that this opportunity presents is significant. Taking advantage while there is still a market to reach is imperative to carving out your niche in the local and far-reaching competitive environments.

Isn’t Making a Video Commercial Easy?

Turning on a camera and making a few pitches about what you offer is easy business. You can do it from your smartphone and upload it to YouTube in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, Google and online viewers don’t have any interest in watching something that isn’t compelling and visually engaging. A selfie with a tag line is almost certain to miss the mark when it comes to reaching valuable customers.

Producing a professional quality video that provides entertainment value and pop culture flare takes experience and knowledge. You have to create a message that gets your point across, and gives your audience the motivation they need to click on a link to your site.