Local Specialists

The internet is everywhere, but for businesses with local customers, you don’t want to miss your most valuable demographic. Targeting search listings in your geographic area means that you have to be fully searchable online.

So all you have to do is put yourself on Google and you’re done, right? If you guessed “no,” it should go without saying that there is whole lot more than a simple listing.

Google and other business search engines use hundreds of factors to bring the most relevant results to anyone looking for services in their area. Just a few of these factors include:

  • Your business location
  • The products and services that you offer
  • The details of your contact information
  • Your online customer ratings and reviews

It may seem like a simple task to keep yourself relevant to your local market. The truth is, you have to keep your information fresh, and maintain a lively online presence to get Google’s attention. Even your overall domain ratings can have an effect on where you show up in results on Google Maps.

Can’t I Just Do All of That Myself and Cut Out the Middleman?

Running a small business takes real effort. I know, because Andrea Lynn Drake is one.

The daily tasks of providing your products and services, managing inventory, completing accounting and billing, and more, don’t leave you a lot of time to work on your local presence. If you don’t know how to fine tune your local business factors online, you’d be spinning your wheels if you tried. And if you do know effective SEO strategies, you know that the process is time-intensive. Do you really have the time to add one more chore to your list of “to-do’s?”

Is There Any Value in Paying for SEO Services for my Local Business?

More than 75% of all internet users don’t look beyond the first page of search results when searching for a product or service. That means that being on the second page of results isn’t going to be good enough to drive the traffic that you want and need.

Translate that to local internet traffic and imagine how important finding your business first really is. It literally means the difference between buying from you and buying from your competition.

Isn’t it Time to Get Online on Your Own Terms?

Are you tired of paying sky-high marketing costs with very little realized value? Are you frustrated with your online representation? If you haven’t seen results with other SEO and online marketing companies, then it’s time to get online on your own terms.

I won’t ask you to sign a contract and I will present an honest, capable alternative to second-rate marketing services.

To learn more and get your website, social media, business, and your online presence in front of your clients, email me at andrea@andrealynndrake.com, or call now at (858) 864-7892. I will provide you with a free website audit and an initial strategy planning session to get you started down the road to a brighter future.