About Andrea

Andrea Lynn Drake

I am an online marketing professional, a mom of two wonderful boys, and a wife. My office is located in my home in beautiful Sierra Vista, AZ. The area is surrounded by a dynamic landscape of mesquite trees, forested mountains, and lush ranch lands. The window beside my workstation looks out on a gorgeous panorama that gives me inspiration every day. As a breast cancer survivor, I know how short life is. Knowing that I have the strength to overcome gives me my enduring drive to succeed. This is the passion that I bring to my business and my clients.

I have earned the title of Badged Google Partner, my Google Analytics badge, as well as all five of the Google AdWords category badges. This means that Google has recognized me as a professional in the use of Google SEO tools. As a result of qualifying for a number of Google certifications, I was awarded the prestigious Google 5 status to recognize my achievement.


    • Enhanced Client Online Visibility

Your online visibility is the “you” customers see on the internet. Through use and monitoring of Google My Business, Analytics, Search Console, and Photos, you will get more recognition and build a robust reputation on and off of your website.

    • Website Optimization

There are more than 200 variables that go into optimizing your site. An integrated approach to website analysis and precision adjustments of these variables with takes you beyond your competition.

    • Image Optimization

Your images tell users a story and give search engines clues about who you are and what you’re all about. Maximizing the information behind your images gives everyone more to go on.

    • Social Media Management

There are hundreds of social media platforms spread across the web. Each of them is an opportunity to engage potential customers. Managing your social media means more traffic, more conversions, and more of your time spent on managing your business.

    • Ongoing Site Maintenance

Setting up your site for optimization is only half the battle. It takes dedicated ongoing attention to keep you on the front lines and ahead of the pack. Leave this in the hands of an experienced professional. You’re going to be busy as it is handling all of the new customer traffic.

    • Subject Matter Blogging

Periodic articles featured on your site will keep you relevant and consistently current. You don’t have the time for research, wordsmithing, and optimization of your written content.

What is Andrea’s Mission?

My Mission for Customers

My mission for my customers is to offer high-value internet marketing, SEO, and Social Media services to attorneys, engineering firms, and small businesses for a reasonable cost. I offer honest and productive SEO with a straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to making a client’s website stand out among all others in their field. I will give the time and attention to every client necessary to review, analyze, and fully optimize their online presence.

My Mission for My Company

My company is not just a means to earn income. It is also my passion. It is my mission for my company to develop a well-branded, sustainable product offering that will stand out among my peers.

In addition, I intend for my company to be a source of knowledge about online marketing and strategic marketing practices. By providing this education, I will demonstrate how and why I provide an outstanding product to my clients. This business is not just about what you know, but how you apply that knowledge. Providing education to the general public allows a means to promote the modernization of business practices. This, in turn, provides a growing online marketing industry with a more savvy client base. The result of this will be a stronger market and a better-informed public.

Where Did Andrea Start in SEO?

I have been working in online marketing since the internet was around. I was there when Yahoo Groups and MySpace were all the rage. I used mIRC and ICQ chat to market myself, and my products.

I have been optimizing, marketing, and learning about online business for more than twenty years. This isn’t about showing off. This is my passion and a passion that I can use to help a business stand out above its competition.

What is Andrea’s Vision?

My vision is to have a sustainable, profitable internet marketing, SEO, and Social Media company that serves the needs of a stable client base. My company will be known for its innovative approach to staying at the forefront of marketing trends. It will be known for offering a quality product at a fair price with integrity and clarity of client objectives.

I also envision a company known for its offerings to the online marketing industry as a whole. I want to provide awareness of the rapidly growing, critical need for every company to hold a meaningful presence on the internet.

Finally, by offering my services, I will promote a stronger market and a more successful economy.

What I will do and not do:

  • You will never have a contract to work with me. I am not going to force anyone to have to use my services. You are free to leave anytime and you will own everything that is yours. Your website, your usernames and passwords, everything. I will even assist your new company get you set up with them. I understand that not everyone works well together. I understand that not everyone communicates the same. I understand this is business, for all of us. I want you to do well in your business and if I am not making that happen, then I am not the one to be doing the work for you. I have the same option. If I just do not feel like I am doing well for you, I will recommend another person or agency. I will not just continue to take your money month after month and not give you something for it.
  • I do not do PPC. I am qualified, I just do not like doing it. But I do know someone that is super good at it and I will refer you to them.
  • I will not “sell you”. I myself hate to be sold. You either need or want what I do, or you don’t. I will recommend things to you though. Content, a new site, etc. It’s up to you to decide if it is something you can or wish to do.
  • I do not do monthly reports. Reports can be positioned to be positive all the time. The truth is, you will not always be on top. You will have a natural ebb and flow, like the rest of the internet does. If we see a huge fall, I will try to get to the bottom of it. If you continue to fall after a few months, I will call is help from outside sources. I am not perfect all the time and I can not say for sure what Google is always up to, I can only do my best.